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1. Can we finance?


New Age Caravans Gippsland can put you in touch with the right people to organise finance.  The average turn around time for you to be able to collect your van from the time you apply for the loan is one week.


2. Our fridge is not running when we are travelling?


You need to ensure your drifter unit is switched on in order for your fridge to run on 12v via the battery


3. How do I use my Hot water system?


Electric hot water system: ensure water is in the unit, switch the switch found outside the van in the hot water service box onto “on”. Inside the van beside the bed inside the lower cupboard you will find a PowerPoint, ensure this is switched on. Gas hot water system: turn gas bottles on in electrical box located inside the van switch the hot water switch on, you will find this will illuminate, once the gas ignites the light will switch off.




4. Can you please explain again to me how the battery charger works?


When charging your battery it will read 14.7 and 25 amps, when the battery is fully charged it will read 13.7v, when it reads 0.0 your battery is flat and will require a boost. To boost your battery connect your anderson plug for approx 10 seconds then the charger will take over and continue to charge your battery.


5. How much can I tow?


Your car has a limit on how many kilograms it is legally allowed to tow.  Please ask our friendly staff to find out for you so that you can choose the right caravan.


6. What is the recommended amount of pressure required to pump my tyres with or without a load?


This information can be found on the tyres themselves.


7. What is controlled by the 12 pin plug & the Anderson Plug?


The 12 pin plugs allocated wiring to the correct section of the van and the Anderson plug charges the battery only from the car (isolation switch on 3) please refer to the 12 pin plug as per caravan electrics wiring diagram.